DOS BRUJOS "Defenders of the Jam" black shirt

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DOS BRUJOS "Defenders of the Jam" black shirt

USA sizes in black Gildan cotton.

Digital album code delivered to your email for the Double Album "Brothers of the Wolf + The First Gods Split" with 74 minutes of jams.

Single shipping fee on combined orders.

Includes a band sticker (while supplies last).

Includes The Swamp Records label sticker.

Serving Suggestion -- drink not included.

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1. Brothers of the Wolf - Goatskin 12:37
2. Brothers of the Wolf - Golden Crown 12:13
3. Brothers of the Wolf - The Lupercal Cave 15:44
4. The First Gods - Intro 00:38
5. The First Gods - Chaos 08:12
6. The First Gods - Gaia 07:54
7. The First Gods - Tartarus 07:55
8. The Hidden Lair - Eyemaster (Bonus Track) 08:08

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